SEOThese days, companies go to great lengths to be noticed, as marketing teams use analytics to comprehend trends in order to trim and package key organizational messages. It is one thing to provide a wonderful product or service; it is another to keenly place it in the market to be utilized. Who knows how many readers have found this page because the title includes both “CEO” and “SEO”?

At Sumus, we are continually looking for opportunities to assist company leaders in their quest to enter, sustain, and exit businesses. I can share an interesting story of my first real experience in search engine optimization (SEO) that will highlight how decisions sometimes hinge on the capacity to be in the right place at the right time.

In 2011, as the CEO of Ockham (a company we had acquired in 2009), I faced a challenge that both frustrated and motivated me. The company was doing fairly well, but we all realized that we were not maximizing our opportunities to create new relationships. Specifically, we were not winning business because we were a U.S.-only oncology contract research organization (CRO). We needed to create an international footprint to foster expansion, so I did what any leader would do: I booted up my computer and went to Google!

My search yielded a list of international oncology CROs and I sat there staring at the number one result: Nexus Oncology of Scotland. I could go on and on here, describing all of the steps taken after that, but here is the upshot of it: 18 months later, we acquired Nexus. I can say that what started out as a simple computer search turned into one of the most satisfying experiences of my 27 year career. And frankly, it was just plain fun too.

I learned many things from this experience. First, when you face a challenge, do something about it, even if it seems obvious. Next, be bold and aim for the highest and best target. And finally, do not be afraid to execute.

The acquisition yielded positive measurable benefits for us: it spearheaded an acceleration of revenue growth, an increase of profits, and an enhanced value to our clients. And this is often the case after an acquisition, provided you choose the appropriate partner. But how can you be sure?

Through Sumus, you can benefit from our years of facilitating the right deal at the right price at the right time. We use the latest tools (like our SVE) and tireless studies of data, but we also use our experiences to evaluate your needs and find solutions. Are you ready to investigate an entrance or exit strategy?

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Sumus was founded by Jim Baker, an entrepreneur with 27 years’ experience bootstrapping and growing his business organically and through acquisition, to share his experience by providing advisory services around Board representation, Organization and Branding Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Value enhancement and Exit strategy.

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