Where to even begin? Like most of you, I’ve been struggling to understand the 2020 COVID-19 world that we’re currently living in. With cases continuing to spike and several state and local governments “locking down” again, I can’t wrap my head around what’s happening. 

Instead of relying on the media to inform me, I’ve taken it upon myself to do my own research to find the facts. Here are a few things that we’ve heard since January 2020 in no particular order: 

  • This virus is very contagious.
  • Two weeks to flatten the curve.
  • Once we have a vaccine, we can open up.
  • Hospitals are overrun, but hospitals are vacant.
  • Testing stations are overloaded.
  • The PCR test has a lot of false positives with the late PCR inventor questioning the accuracy in testing for the virus.
  • 10pm curfews will help stop the spread.
  • If you don’t wear a mask you’re endangering others.
  • Masks don’t work.
  • The death rate is high. The death rate is low.
  • 99.7% recovery rate under 70 and 94% recovery rate over 70.
  • COVID death toll could be 2M, but the COVID death toll just reached 300,000 in the US.
  • We don’t know if the vaccine works, and we don’t know how long it will work.
  • We don’t know if the vaccine can prevent the spread in asymptomatic people.
  • Asymptomatic people shouldn’t be tested, and asymptomatic people should be tested.
  • Cases equal positive tests, or cases equal positive people.
  • Kids can’t go to school, but kids are mostly immune. Kids can’t be vectors, or kids can be vectors. 

How can any rational person understand what is going on in our country?  

I decided to go to the CDC website and dig deep to find out what the data is telling us as it relates to COVID infections and deaths. As you can see here, every piece of data the CDC has received points to a very high rate of recovery for all age groups in the US.  

If any of us were told that we have over a 99% chance of recovering from any illness we would feel relieved, optimistic, stress-free. If we were told we had over a 94% chance of recovering from an illness, we would still feel relieved, optimistic, stress-free. 

With that being said, I have to question why we would take a mRNA vaccine that will manipulate RNA from DNA to produce a COVID protein that our body can then attack and offer us immunity. Wouldn’t we be better off developing immunity through “herd immunity” by protecting the most vulnerable and letting the virus run its course especially when most have a 99% chance of recovery.  However, if we cannot get immunity from COVID after having the virus, then what good is the vaccine that we rushed out in 5 months?

To take my research a step further, I examined the deaths and death rate in 2020 from COVID. In April, the CDC tracked deaths as “COVID Only,” “Influenza,” “Pneumonia,” “Influenza or Pneumonia with COVID.” Then sometime in June or July the CDC changed the way they record deaths.  See here.

Now tracked deaths are marked as “Involving COVID” or “With or Without COVID” for Influenza and Pneumonia. Lastly, what does involving mean? Does it mean if one had COVID and died in a car accident, the death would be recorded as a COVID death? Why can’t the CDC simply tell us through data how many “COVID Only” deaths there actually are? Are they unable to determine this because COVID is difficult to diagnose compared to other Coronaviruses and the traditional flu? Or would it prove them wrong about all of their rules and regulations that have been put in place to stop the spread, in return sacrificing millions of jobs and seeing death counts increase in cancer, suicides, heart problems, and other illnesses because these patients were neglected for most of the year?  

So assuming that it’s acceptable to count “COVID Involvement” as COVID only deaths, let’s look at the last CDC table here

Since January 2020, the US has averaged 92 weekly COVID deaths per 100,000 people. Over the last 7 days, the US has averaged .8 deaths per 100,000 people. To sum, we know from CDC data that COVID has an unbelievable survival rate for all age groups. COVID death counts are confusing at best, yet despite all of this, we know that COVID is not as lethal as it was reported. In addition, the predicted surge due to Thanksgiving travel never materialized, and now they are telling us to stay home for the Christmas holidays.  

With all of the data presented, would you get the vaccine, mandate everyone to work from home, keep your kids out of school, and isolate the ederly?  If any of these are a yes, I would love to see the data supporting that belief. 

Of course, the data produced would be about positive test cases as more positives equal more illness, which equals more hospitalizations, which equals more deaths. Is that theory actually true? Prior to COVID, a “case” was defined as an infected patient who showed symptoms. Today a “case” is a positive test result. Therefore, one patient can have 8-10 cases before they are negative. In addition, the late inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, questioned the validity of PCR testing; however, I am not going to get into that in this blog. 

By changing the definition of cases, we have paralyzed the world. As I described earlier, no one will tell us how many actual people are currently positive for COVID. We do know that at the time of this writing there are 16,519,668 positive cases. To find out how many people are infected, I assumed a 30% false positive rate, and an average of 3 tests per person (CDC data, news articles, etc). Therefore, we probably have about 3,854,589 infected people in the US out of 331,000,000 people. Per Google, as a comparison there are 34.5M diabetics in the US and 121M people with heart disease, America’s number one killer. Yet until COVID, kids could go to school. We could go out to dinner, and of course, none of us had to wear masks.

My simple wish for everyone as we move into 2021 is to do our own research and decide how you want to live our lives. The truth is out there, but it will take effort to find. Ultimately it will be worth it if we want to return to normal and save our way of life.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

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