2022 is the year of the health-savvy CEO. As we head into the year’s homestretch, it’s time to be… present. The magic of Christmas comes from the small moments – the long-awaited hug from a grandparent or the shared laughter reminiscing on old memories with extended family. However, the holiday season can be a stressful time for CEOs because it falls right before year end. When your mind is in CEO overdrive, we can miss out on these special moments. Being present during the holidays means you’re aware of the details of the moment and sharing them with those around you. The best present you can give to your loved ones (and yourself) this Christmas is to be fully present

How can you be present this Christmas? Here are a few tips…

Be Grateful. The holidays are an opportunity to stop and recognize the things you have in your life. When we are truly present, we tune into the blessing and abundance of simply being alive. Take a deep breath and notice what’s around you – the sights and scents, the people, the sounds. What’s bringing you joy in that moment? There is always something to be thankful for. 

Cut back on social media. It’s tempting to want to document the little moments with your kids and loved ones. But oftentimes we get sucked into mindlessly scrolling on social media and pulled out of the moment. This season, do your best to limit screen time and be where your feet are. 

Stick to your Routine. Let’s be honest… It’s incredibly easy to get derailed from our daily routines around Christmas. Between all of the family gatherings and end-of-year work responsibilities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the perceived lack of time for wellness practices. But the key to staying present is finding time to do the things that keep you feeling your best… your routine. During your time off, continue to find time to take care of yourself: exercise, go for a walk, eat and drink in moderation, and prioritize sleep. 

Indulge a little. The Christmas season is a time to indulge. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying all the delicious treats of the season. Instead of piling your plate with everything in sight, slow down. Choose the dishes you really love. Savor every flavor.

Focus on quality time with loved ones. Families come together to celebrate the holidays and what a wonderful tradition that can be. However, a few minutes after the greetings and cheer some of us may start to remember why we see these folks so seldom. In order to be present, focus on the qualities you enjoy about your extended family members, and put all the things that drive you crazy about them on the backburner just for the few days you see them.

And most importantly, actively practice being present. Pause and remember to breathe and shift your awareness to the present moment.