Golfblog2I promised another post on golf last Throwback Thursday.” The truth is that the golf insanity blog post from last year had more to do with the futility of repetition and insanity in both life and business than it had to do with holes, clubs, and tees. And today’s post will end without reporting on a shot on a course ever being struck; in fact, it will end with the arrival of two players at a golf links in Ireland, and what it took to make that happen.

So this golf post is not really about golf but golf travel, not really about golf travel but travel, not really about travel but travel adversity, and not really about adversity but what to in the face of it. In our journeys through life—regardless of how clever and enterprising we are—sometimes we need help to get out of a jam. The key is to be unafraid to seek assistance. And speaking of travel, you ever drive around in a meandering circle for an hour or so only to end up in the same place? It was only then you probably got directions.

Well, in Ireland, I actually had a very good set of instructions on how to get to the golf course, so that certainly was not my problem. The challenge was that I banged up my rental car to the point where I had multiple flat tires, and was essentially stranded in farmland an hour from the destination with two hours to go before the designated tee time. And I was not travelling alone, but with my son, and was not en route to just any course, but a famous Irish links. I must admit when I looked around in a panoramic I was more than a bit frustrated by the whole set of mishaps that led to our predicament.

But then my son said, “On a trip when the plan goes awry, that’s when the adventure begins.”

And then we burst into action. I could explain every last detail here, but the upshot is that I took stock of our situation, devised a plan, knocked on a door, used some resources, and came up with a solution. A very kind local ended up driving us to where we needed to be, and on time.

So what is this mini-saga doing on the Sumus blog? The point of the car accident tale is that it may have been my fault, or it may not have been. Is that important in the moment? It might matter later on—and there will be plenty of time to sort out things—but in the midst of a problem we needed to deal with the facts on the ground. And in your business, sometimes you end up in a predicament. Who knows how and why your company ended up in a tight spot? You could sit around feeling guilty about decisions you have made, or blame the employees, or curse the prosperity gods for bad luck, or blame the national and global economy as a whole. Or you could seek help from someone who knows the landscape.

Every business leader has visions, but then life sets in and unforeseen things happen. What do you do? I know this: you need other people to help you, but you certainly need to ask. At Sumus, we have people who think on their feet and will assist you in overcoming adversity. We want to talk to you in good times, but we really want to pick you up when things look bleak. Contact us to find out more.