business leadershipI hate to start a blog post with a full-blown cliché, so instead I will change up things a bit by stating that the definition of insanity is making the same flawed golf swing over and over again and expecting different shot results.

Imagine this: over a given year or two, you are extremely frustrated with your golf game. During that time, you take several weekend trips with your buddies, only to see your wallet emptied each time because at the key moment in every round—with dinner and drinks on the line—you hit a tragic shot that ends up at the bottom of a pond, stream, or ocean.

You must need brand-new equipment, you reason, so with an abundance of hope you speed off to a big-box golf store to get your hands on the latest and greatest clubs. After the initial afterglow wears off, you are shocked to be hitting the same poor (and untimely) shots.

You are a tireless worker, so you are unafraid to put in the time at a driving range, smashing shot after shot in the air; well, some of them get in to the air, anyhow. In the heat and sun and sometimes the cold and rain, you are out there, trying to “figure it out,” and often feel close to a major breakthrough. “If I just can keep my knees flexed…if I can just keep my head still…” Only deep down inside you know that you really are not that close, because when it matters—on the course—you continue to grossly underperform.

Inevitably, you contemplate the unthinkable: quitting. After all, how much money have you spent on magazines, range balls and real balls (that end up in the water), shirts, clubs, shoes, rounds on nice courses, travel, and lastly, paid-out friendly bets? Maybe $5,000 over the past few years, and you have been absolutely golf-miserable the whole time.

Do you want to hear the solution? Perhaps it is time to spend $100 and get some expert advice.

At first glance, you might see $100 as exorbitant for a 45-minute golf lesson. But after meeting with a golf professional who records your swing and points out areas of potential improvement, you lament the $5,000 or so you have spent fumbling around in the dark on your own.

At Sumus, we understand that sometimes you are not able to solve a problem in your business by yourself. You might think you know the core issue, but do not. You invest in new equipment, but it might not be necessary. You might even think about giving up altogether, but should not.

You need a calm, experienced professional who arrives at your business from the outside, evaluates both your strengths and weaknesses, and provides expert advice and adjustments that will allow you to rekindle the joys of leadership and prosperity.

We hope to see you on the golf course, as well as in your conference room.

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Sumus was founded by Jim Baker, an entrepreneur with 27 years’ experience bootstrapping and growing his business organically and through acquisition, to share his experience by providing advisory services around Board representation, Organization and Branding Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Value enhancement and Exit strategy.

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