Before I begin I hope all of you had a great Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.  My family enjoyed a great Christmas with family in town and then rang in the New Year a little quieter once everyone left. 

Having rung in the New Year, most of us were excited to turn the page and hoped for the best in 2021. This year will bring us a new President, Congress, and of course, we have multiple vaccines to save us from COVID-19. Unfortunately, however, this year hasn’t started any better than the end of the last, which became apparent on January 6 when we learned of the Capitol breach. 

My wife and I were driving through Arizona when we learned of breach and immediately turned to a news station to find out more. As we listened to multiple reports, I was in disbelief; however, I was not surprised. The chaos and division continues.

Regarding the Capitol breach, I’ll start by saying it was wrong. I don’t condone it, and I never will. My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones and hope any future protests can remain peaceful. Unfortunately, throughout most of 2020, peaceful protests became violent to the point of property being damaged, people getting hurt, and even some getting killed. 

In addition, Portland erupted again on January 6 and 7 with more damaged property and injuries. So when I say I wasn’t surprised, I really wasn’t. I believe our police have been marginalized due to political pressure, and our politicians (both left, right, and middle) have no regard in working for the American people to make our country less divisive and more unified.  

I believe all politicians from both parties are to blame for January 6, for all of the 2020 violent protests, and for our current state of discontent. As I listened to reports on January 6, I thought maybe something good could come from this. Maybe a senator or a member of Congress would think to themselves, “How did this happen? What can I do to make it better?” But so far, I’ve heard nothing except for the same old divisive blame game. 

To make matters even worse, we now have Twitter, Google, Apple, and Facebook becoming the arbiters of free speech. Anti-vaccine speech has been suppressed. Google just announced a partnership with a pro-vaccine group. Apple is threatening to remove Parler. Twitter and Facebook have banned President Trump and others, yet the Iranian Ayatollah has a Twitter account. No matter what you believe, censorship is bad for the country.  

So, if you only allow certain people to have a voice and censor others while the divisive political climate continues, what do you think is going to happen to our stability and unity? If you’re like me, you will say it’s only going to worsen. 

We lack leadership. We do not tolerate alternate views unless they are the views held by Big Tech, media, and our politicians. Our politicians have no interest in making policy in the best interest of America.  

As I said in December, please continue to do your own research and ask yourself why, why, why? Why can’t we question the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines? Why does Big Tech censor alternative views? Why doesn’t any credible news organization investigate the election? (If I was elected, I’d want a complete audit to rule out any fraud). Why doesn’t Congress investigate the election? Why do we classify COVID deaths as “Involving COVID”? Why can’t it just be COVID? I believe in all Americans and feel they can make their own decisions about their lives if given liberty to do so.  

Our liberty is being challenged like never before.  My hope for 2021 is that we keep researching, learning, and asking “why” until we are satisfied. Happy New Year.

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

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