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As I write this blog, President Trump is scheduled to meet North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un on June 12 in Singapore.  As most of us know, our policy towards North Korea hasn’t changed much since the truce stopped the Korean War in 1953.  Since then, South Korea has flourished as an Asian democracy and an economic powerhouse while the North has been controlled by one family that oppresses its people and isolates itself from the rest of the world.

Despite North Korea’s oppressive society, the nation has managed to develop nuclear weapons.  Past US administrations have attempted to negotiate with North Korea in order to stop the production or later eliminate the ability for North Korea to have nuclear weapons.  Each administration prior to Trump has used the same failed strategy to halt North Korea’s ambitions.

Now enter Trump into the equation.  Despite what you think of the president, he is using an alternate strategy in attempts to get North Korea to change their ways.  Although chaotic and difficult to follow at times, the US has shown significant force in the Asian theatre over the past 18 months and has forced North Korea to deplete some of their missiles.  This has forced the nation to burn precious resources and at the same time have the Chinese, through a trade war, pressure North Korea to change their ways.  As a result, the Trump and Kim Jong-un are scheduled to meet.

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Jim Baker

Jim Baker

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