Thank America for That

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The holiday season is nearly upon us once again.  Since August, I have traveled to Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia (multiple times), Illinois, Canada (Toronto), and eastern North Carolina.  I am always in observation mode when I travel.  I observe people in the community and try to strike up conversation with locals and simply get a feel for how everyone is doing.  Although there is reported anger in this country, mostly over politics, I have never experienced this when traveling.

Most people are polite.  I see doors being held open, passengers helping others with stowing luggage in overhead bins, customers and food service employees saying thank you with a smile, and people willing to assist others when asked.  I watch 80,000 fans all rooting for the same team.  I witness union workers on strike in Waikiki, peacefully protesting as people go about their business.  I observe all walks of life everywhere I go.  I feel energy and a sense of purpose and happiness from most.  I do not see anger, rudeness, or intolerance.  Quite frankly, I see nothing our media reports.  I simply see America going about its business.

For that, I am thankful this holiday season to live in a time in which we’ve never been safer, healthier, and more prosperous.  I thank America for that.  At Sumus, we are thankful for our God, our country, and our people.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

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