This summer, the Sumus blog centered around taking command of your health as a CEO and implementing this mindset into your company. This week, we’ve compiled all of our topics into The Complete Guide to Becoming the Health Savvy CEO. Once your purpose, priorities, routine, habits, company culture, and team mindset align with health at the core, you’ll become victorious in your personal and business life.

Realigning Your Purpose as a CEOWhat is your purpose as a CEO? Is it to make a lot of money? Is it to impact other people? Or is it to work hard and make money to have financial freedom so that you can live your life to the fullest? Our research found that 69% of CEOs are in extremely poor physical shape and 40% are obese. What good is it to sacrifice your life and well-being to build a company if you won’t be able to reap the benefits of your hard work because you die of heart disease at age 60? At Sumus, we believe that the health of the CEO is vital to the success and longevity of the business – healthier CEOs means healthier leadership which ultimately translates into a healthier company. Employees become more inclined to become healthier if led by the example of the CEO, and customers will be more willing to invest into the products of an internally healthy company. Remember, ‘how you do anything is how you do everything.’

Prioritizing Your Health as a CEOWhen speaking to different CEOs, we found that many of them place their health on the back burner of priorities. In fact, the majority of all adults claim they are too busy to make time for exercise, and they consequently struggle to make it a priority. To help you hone in on your health as a CEO, our blog post offers a 3 step process to create health a priority in your life – don’t try to change everything at once, aim to create a positive new habit and not just a result, and make changes in your workplace environment. Check out the blog to make sure you learn to prioritize your health now, rather than when you are sick and need lifelong medication.

Building Your Routine as a CEOThe actions we do on a daily basis – our routine – ultimately determine who we are as people. Ideally for CEOs, this routine should aim to consist of a consistent wake-up time in the morning, physical exercise, sufficient sleeping time, a scheduled and healthy meal plan, and time to relax for your mental well-being. This article also takes a deep dive into the routine of Joe Rogan. Check it out to see how you can master the art of a healthy routine as he did.

How to Build Healthy Habits as a CEOHabits are inevitable. As a result, we are a product of our habits. To start living the life of a health-savvy CEO, you should begin by understanding the approach to building habits, which should start slowly and gradually. In this article, we evaluate the ‘Power of One More’- the idea that tiny gains lead to long-term success in your habits. In addition, we were given the opportunity to interview Pete Durand, the CEO of both Cruxible Partners and Saebo, Inc., as we evaluated his habits and how he has created the ideal healthy lifestyle as the CEO of two companies.

Company Culture: Setting the Standard for Health and WellnessThe first four blogs in our series discussed how CEOs can create a healthy lifestyle for themselves, but how does this translate to your company and its culture? A large part of company culture is dependent upon your employees and their well-being. Our research on this topic found a direct correlation between healthier employees, happiness, and productivity. Although there are costs associated with promoting health, we found examples of Fortune 500 companies that had a worthwhile return on their investment when focusing on a healthy company culture. Additionally, a health-centered company culture often leads to stronger team bonds as employees are able to engage with the CEO and other executives by keeping each other accountable. President of Townebank, Brain Reid, credits much of the success of his company to the health-centric culture he has cultivated. Check out this post to learn more about how he did it, and how you can do it too.

Creating a Healthy Team Environment For Your BusinessSure, it is important for the CEO and each employee to prioritize their individual health and wellness, but how does this translate to the overall team environment? We found through research that a striking number of people are unhappy with their job situations, and the dissatisfaction of one employee can spread negativity rapidly throughout the entire company. Thus, CEOs should start by hiring the best employees to fit within their culture. These employees should exemplify the qualities of being humble, hungry, AND smart. Once you’ve hired the right people, CEOs should learn how to master employee engagement, which can include socializing outside of work. In this blog, we take the example of Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone, two prominent CEOs, and their take on how the leadership of the CEO is essential to creating a strong team mindset. Check this blog out to see how you can gain an upper hand to any competition with your healthy team.

You are the CEO – Do Your Own Research & Make Your Own Decisions – There are lots of responsibilities that come with being a CEO. As a result, a lot of decisions that you make have a large impact on other people, like your employees and customers. Thus, it is important you do your own research to make informed decisions when controversial issues arise. For years, the media has been trying to spread fear surrounding COVID-19. At Sumus, we suggest that instead of following mainstream media and headlines, you should use sources like the CDC or Worldometer, and make your own conclusions strictly based on data. Numbers and statistics are the most reliable information in these situations, especially as new variants of Covid-19 constantly emerge. Doing your own research will lead you to create the best policies and decisions for your company.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “practice what you preach”. You might ask – what action is Sumus taking to promote health? Well, in the next few months, Jim Baker, the CEO of Sumus, and Isabella Luciano will be opening their own tea shop – 50 Cups. 50 Cups will provide healthy, locally sourced teas, coffee, and pastries. 50 Cups strives to inspire individual victory by improving your health and wellbeing. If you are average, 50 Cups aims to inspire you to become above average. If you are above average, 50 Cups aims to inspire you to be great. If you are great, 50 Cups aims to inspire you to be excellent. Through our Sumus summer blog series, we hope that we’ve inspired you to live a healthy lifestyle that will ultimately lead you to achieve victory in your everyday life.