In the realm of health and wellness, we’ve explored various tips and regimens from experts like Andrew Huberman and Gary Brecka. As I pen down this blog, cruising at 30,000 feet from New York to Rome, I’m putting one of Brecka’s theories to the test: drinking hydrogen-infused water. Gary Brecka claims it’s the key to preventing jet lag along with many other health benefits. Before I left for my trip, I ordered a fifty dollar water bottle with an attached hydrogen molecule generator from Amazon, and I will be drinking water from it during the overnight flight. For now, let’s dive into the science behind this unconventional elixir and discover if it lives up to the hype.

At its core, hydrogen water is a concoction of pure water infused with additional hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen, a colorless and odorless gas, binds with oxygen, creating compounds like water. Proponents argue that this infusion provides unique benefits beyond what regular water can offer. The process involves injecting hydrogen gas into pure water, creating a product said to combat inflammation, boost athletic performance, and slow the aging process.

One prominent claim is the antioxidant prowess of hydrogen water. Molecular hydrogen is said to neutralize free radicals, combating oxidative stress in the body. Studies show promise, particularly in cases like liver cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Hydrogen water is purported to benefit those with metabolic syndrome and athletes alike. Some studies suggest potential reductions in oxidative stress markers and improvements in risk factors related to metabolic syndrome. Meanwhile, athletes consuming hydrogen-enriched water experience lower blood lactate levels, indicating enhanced endurance.

Will it truly combat jet lag? Stay tuned next week as I’ll report back with the results of my experiment and the verdict on hydrogen-infused water’s battle against jet lag.