Last Friday, a new COVID-19 strain, named Omicron, was labeled a variant of concern by the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization has stated that there is reason to be concerned about this new variant, however, they also have stated that there is a lot about this new variant that we do not yet know, including how contagious this strain is, whether or not it could cause severe diseases, and most importantly: how effective the vaccine in protecting against it. Doctors have only been studying the new strain for the past week. 

Despite these statements regarding the “unknown” surrounding this new variant, doctors have come to the conclusion that “the variant has the capability of high transmissibility.” In addition, doctors have reported that the cases have been quite mild so far, with patients reporting “’a scratch throat, and some will have a cough, a dry cough. But it’s not a constant cough. It comes and goes.’” They state that the sore throat and the cough are “’ more or less the big symptoms that [they] have seen.’” 

Regardless of the fact that the “big symptoms” of the Omicron variant have been reported to be a sore throat and a cough, Biden recently announced that “this new variant should make clearer than ever why this pandemic will not end until we have global vaccinations.” Furthermore, Biden is pushing COVID-19 booster shots as well; in fact, the CDC has stated that it is “safe” for people to get a booster shot that is different from the vaccines that they originally received. However, at the same time, the CDC has stated that “scientists aren’t exactly sure how important slight differences in antibody levels and dose amounts are in the real world,” regarding the differing vaccines.  They went on to state that, “there’s not really a right or wrong answer [about what booster to get],” and “whatever you can get is probably the right one for you.” 

There seems to be a few glaring problems and contradictions with the way the Biden administration, the WHO and the CDC alike has handled the new Omicron variant as it relates to the mass push to get all Americans vaccinated. 

First, if it is too early to make conclusions about Omicron, how do we know that the variant has “high transmissibility”? Next, if the “big symptoms” of this new variant are a “scratch throat” and a “cough”, why do we need to worry about Omicron, and more importantly, why do we have to be vaccinated against it? Are we going to die from a sore throat and a cough? Furthermore, why is Biden stating that the Omicron variant should show the world that COVID-19 will not end until we have “global vaccinations” if the vaccine does not stop individuals from spreading COVID-19? Finally, if scientists know nothing about how mixing booster shots can improve efficacy, and that there is “not really a right or wrong answer” regarding mixing booster shots, then who is to say that they know mixing is safe? In fact, who is to say that doctors know that the COVID-19 vaccine, that was produced after only six months of testing and research, is safe?   

Can anyone answer these questions? 

If you ask me, the CDC, the WHO, the NIH and the Biden administration know nothing about the COVID-19 Vaccine. However, they are continuing to campaign that each American citizen receive a vaccine and a booster, disregarding the number of adverse reactions occurring, and even referring to receiving a booster shot that differs from your original vaccine as “mixing and matching” vaccines: as if the American population is picking out what print pants would work best with their striped shirt. “Mixing and matching” the vaccine is a serious medical decision that could determine your health entirely, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

As always, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unravel, we encourage everyone to do their own research when it comes to receiving the vaccine and the booster shot, and remind everyone that the choice to receive a vaccine is a serious health decision.