I find it interesting that we are reading and hearing about vaccine passports as a way to insure our freedom of travel and purchase post-vaccination. Does this strike you as very Un-American and a way to take away choice and individual freedom?

Let’s compare vaccine passports to voter ID laws. The state of Georgia just passed new election laws that in essence do away with signature matches on mail-in ballots. The signature is being replaced by an ID, which is a valid Georgia driver license or an ID from the state. The law gives the citizens multiple opportunities to cast their vote and prove their identification. Half the state and media are crying foul due to the voter ID mandate, yet no one is crying foul over a vaccine passport. Why? Is it because people don’t believe it will happen, or are they ok with this form of ID but not voter ID? 

The voter ID opponents say it disenfranchises people who have no way to get an ID, and therefore no one should have to be ID’d to vote. Well, what about people with certain health conditions that shouldn’t get the vaccine?  How about others that had COVID and their doctor did not recommend the vaccine?  What about others for religious reasons (yes, these people are still protected) that choose not to get the vaccine?  Are we simply going to ban them from getting on a plane, going to a store, attending school, working, going to a movie, etc?  

To me, it’s an open invitation to litigation. Imagine an employee who is forced to get vaccinated in order to go to work. Suppose that person has a severe vaccine reaction and becomes disabled?  That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Now let’s compare vaccine passports to abortion rights. Vaccine passports could potentially be mandated from state and local governments and businesses; therefore, if you choose to not get vaccinated as it’s your body and your freedom of choice, you could lose several of your rights. An abortion advocate’s primary argument is the same. “Our body, our choice.”  Why wouldn’t anti-vaccine people have the same rights as abortion advocates?  

I have given you two examples of the hypocrisy around vaccine passports, and I could go on and on.  As the vaccine (which is really gene therapy) is designed to lessen COVID symptoms and not give you immunity, why would anyone mandate a vaccine passport? With COVID having a 99% recovery rate, and quite frankly more immunity than the vaccine, why would we even think about mandating vaccine passports?  

If I’m a business, it’s a non-starter.  Does an airline, hotel, or country really want to diminish their customers or visitors? Do retail stores want to do the same? This is a dangerous proposal that restricts all of our freedoms. Whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, mandating a vaccine passport is a ticket to reduced freedoms for everyone. 

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

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