On Monday October 1, I lost a dear friend, former employee, and board member.  He was 71 years young.  God took him without much notice leaving us all shocked and saddened.  He is survived by his wife, Pam, and 2 daughters, Sharon and Karen.  He leaves behind a legacy of friends, fellow employees, and others who are better people for knowing Larry Regula.

Having attended his funeral on October 8 and witnessing all the people he touched in his 71 years of life, I began to think about my relationship with Larry.  I fondly reminisced on memories we shared during his time at Ockham as a dedicated employee.

Thankfully for Ockham, Larry came to us because he was laid off by his previous employer.  Once we hired Larry, he brought energy, knowledge, and leadership to our company.  As we were still young and inexperienced, we learned a great deal from him.  After 17 years of service and an exceptional run at Ockham, he and I decided that it would be best for him to transition into retirement and join our board.  He then became a dedicated board member and helped us tremendously in his way to engineer a sale where we received maximum value for our company.  Of all the people that touched my life, Larry was a Top 10 person.  He was passionate about the business, always looked out for what was best for the business, and was unselfish in his decision making.  Upon our sale he wrote this to our organization:

One important thing about our time at Atlantic Search, ASG, and Ockham is that beside having a career and working as a team we have our friendships.  It’s the one thing that the IRS can’t take 75% of, Chiltern will never know the magic of our relationships and no matter which way we all went we still have each other as friends.  I wonder how many other companies can do it better than you did Mr. Baker.  Thanks for the great time and great friends.


Kinder words have never been said. I have found in most companies there is a “secret sauce” that mostly goes undiscovered until we get involved.  In many cases, the secret sauce are a few employees who are Top 10 lifers that need to be listened to.  They are the ones that always have your back, help others, and will do anything for the business. At Sumus we help you find those people in your quest to become a better company.  If you know who your “Larry” is, please recognize him and allow him to flourish in your company.  We were fortunate to have Larry in our lives.  May his soul rest in peace….

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Sumus was founded by Jim Baker, an entrepreneur with 27 years’ experience bootstrapping and growing his business organically and through acquisition, to share his experience by providing advisory services around Board representation, Organization and Branding Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Value enhancement and Exit strategy.