Are You Selling in the Winter Economy?

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I have been doing some research lately about the economy.  Back in the early fall, US GDP, unemployment rates and every other economic indicator was positive, yet we had this feeling of dread.  Soon our troubles were confirmed as the stock market significantly declined in Q4.  There is a theory about the 4 seasons of the economy: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Most economists feel that each season is 25 years long, and we are currently in a Winter economy that began in 2008.  The winter season is described as having all 4 seasons in winter.  It is cold, but it can be warm. We have rain, snow, and even ice; it is the most unpredictable season of the 4.  To validate this season, one simply has to read the headlines every day and notice both positive and negative economic news right next to each other.

As we are in the winter economy, companies and people are fearful or less confident about the future.  As a result, clients and customers tend to buy based on easing of their fears.  Most of us tend to sell on quality, price, and dependability and get frustrated when clients don’t buy from us.  However, maybe we are not selling a solution in the winter economy.  Do you take time to understand your client’s fears?  If you believe in the winter economy, is your messaging and go-to market strategy aligned?  At Sumus, we are here to help you understand your client and market, so you can be more efficient in winning business.  Contact us today.

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

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